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Variable to enable/disable Windows Areo on connect/disconnect

Robert Lavell 8 years ago updated by mhighsmith 7 years ago 6 1 duplicate

Would be super if we could gain more speed when connecting if the platform allowed the disabling and enabling of Windows Areo on connect/disconnect instead of having to run a .bat file each time.

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Completely agree with this. Not only would it help with speed but also I occasionally see double mice when connecting to a Windows 7 computer. If I disabled Aero the double mice go away and I am left with one mouse on the screen

Robert, since there is no direct messaging available here: can you share your batch file?

I would mostly like to disable the Peek preview in the bottom-right of the screen ... immediately next to the chat window. I engage Peek all the freakin' time when I move the mouse from their screen into the chat box on mine. I have never voluntarily used Peek and would like it disabled while connected.

Considering for Future Release
@echo off
sc interrogate uxsms | find "1062"
if %errorlevel%==0 goto :sc_start
sc stop uxsms
sc start uxsms