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Auto adjust screen for full screen & gradual IN/OUT zoom

Peter OTools 6 years ago updated by djzetter 5 years ago 1

Hi guys,

Wondering if there is already a request here regarding: Auto adjust screen for full screen? I see there some space within full screen and the whole remote screen. By the same token, If I zoom IN, then only option to Zoom OUT is about 100%, 75% and so on. Remote screen is different based on the level of screen resolution is setup already. Computer with HiRes many times need to be zoom IN in order to see small letters as example.

Is it any way to consider a gradual IN/OUT instead by 25% steps?

I would like this option as well. 100% cuts off part of my distant screen and 75% shows a much smaller depiction of my distant screen so the ability to set a customized % would be beneficial and I would like to request this update or feature as soon as possible. The whole reason I switched to ConnectWise over LogMeIn is that your product is better and provides a better rendering of the distant computer screen. This would be a great update/feature.