Notification to the remote client that support session is not closed

Gennady Sorochan 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 7

When support host disconnects but the session remains open - we suggest to add an option to display to the remote client a message saying that the session is active and he need to terminate it at his end if he wants.

Hi Gennady,

You can customize the end-of-session prompt displayed to the end-user by following the steps here.

Hey, thanks for suggestion, however it's not the same thing - the end-of-session you're talking about is when the sessions is ended i.e. terminated/deleted from the system.

I'm talking about situation that support session still exists and support agent have disconnected.


Hi Gennady, 

In that case, sounds like you'd want to remove that particular guest from the session to keep it open. To delete a guest, you can click the "X" on the general tab, below, next to "guests connected:". They can also be deleted in the participants menu on the host client. 

No - i don't want to delete guest.

I just want message/notification to be displayed to the guest when HOST disconnects without ending (deleting) the session.

Hey Gennady,

How about the Note on Desktop extension?  


You can personalize this to your liking. Only downside to this is it's not automated. 

YES, i've seen it.

But it requires the host to actively post a note to the guest.

I've been looking for the automatic notification.