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The ability to change the user password question attribute for Windows Active Directory 2 factor authentication

mike potgoreanu 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 5

It'd be nice to be able to change the field the Password Question is tied to in Active Directory. We use the Description attribute for other purposes so we'd like to use a different attribute field.

Hi Mike, 

Is there a better field we should tie to in Active Directory? We'll be looking into best practices as they pertain to Active Directory. 

Not necessarily a better field. We would just like the ability to choose the attribute for the Password Question as you can when setting up the LDAP server for user logins.

The "UserPasswordQuestionAttribute" can be set to any LDAP attribute, as long as the naming is input exactly the same. Were you hoping for an active directory change specifically, or just a way to implement?

Yes, I was hoping for an active directory change specifically.

Thanks, we'll list this as a feature request.