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Allow me to 'save' *after* making a bunch of changes to Security settings.

Welz 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 3
A. In previous versions of Screen Connect, I would make changes to a bunch of users/roles and then at the end hit Save which would then reload and apply the new info.
B. In the newer version, when I make a change to a user, it forces me to hit save which then reloads and applies that info - which is nice - if I just have 1 user to change. When I try making changes to multiple users it becomes extremely time consuming to keep on reloading everything.
I'm hoping for a little button which is titled "Reload after each change" (on/off) when it's on, it works as I described in B, when off, it works as described in A and then you can choose to hit save after completing all of your changes (which will initiate the reload). It can also include a pop-up dialog if you try closing the tab before saving, reminding you to save.
Available in Version:
Considering for Future Release

Have there been any updates on this? It gets really annoying when making changes to large amounts of users.