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Uncheck All option when a command has been chosen

Stewart Buckland 6 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 6 years ago 2

Well here's my tale of woe and I think it's probably not the first time it's caught out a user.

New version of ConnectWise to be updated. Logged in and under All Machines clicked ALL to select all units. Clicked REINSTALL and one by one they went through the upgrade. 

Found one unit that was no longer in service to right-clicked on it and selected END. To my horror it didn't just end that single install but ALL of our installs. *Cue much panic*. 

Managed to roll-back to a snapshot to recover the install data but each unit is offline until the service restarts or the system reboots (not easy as many are headless servers).

So my request is that once an "action" (reinstall, end etc) has been chosen all check mark selections are reset to blank to prevent it applying the next chosen action to all those same systems. 

Added to this I think the End & End/Uninstall options should have an extra prompt to check whether you REALLY want to perform this action.