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Change title bar text with custom session variables

jrewolinski 6 years ago updated by Sascha Skeries 3 years ago 4

I would like the ability to customize the active session Title Bar, so that it can display additional properties assigned to the session, such as assigned user.  When working on multiple new computers at a time, it would be great to easily see more than just the PC name to easily distinguish between eachmachine.  I realize we could just edit the session names, but that's not practical, and I can see this being useful in other scenarios as well.  Such as IT contractors supporting multiple companies, and having the ability to show the company name, and other information in the Title Bar.

Considering for Future Release

I have a similar request.

By default every new support session is named “Untitled Session”. Identify log entries to it's session is not possible.

Only if a technician chances manually the session title it gets a unique title. Unfortunately, manually adjusting a session title is easily forgotten and not practical in busy situations.

It should be possible to set a variable to add automatically the name of the technician to a support session title. (Similar to UnderControlBannerTextFormat configuration.) So we could identify easily the log entriys to it's session.

Alternatively to this, it could also be helpful if a title of a support session would automatically be supplemented with the unique session number.


This would be a major deal for our team.

Same here. We use a naming convention for servers, and if you're involved in multiple sessions you quickly use the overview of what "ADC01" is belonging to which customer.