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​Allow synchronizing a custom "consent to control" config from ConnectWise Automate to the Control server's config

Daniel von Verschuer 6 years ago 0

Example of such a config:

1. Remote sessions to servers can be established without consent

2. Remote sessions to workstations can only be established with user consent, unless there is an Extra Data Field checkbox checked on the client level saying "client agreed to allow remote sessions to workstations without consent".

For such a config, taking Control's HostSessionWithoutConsent (false for all, true for servers) flag into account is not enough as the Automate Extra Data Field can't be referenced. This means that the "consent to control" config in the Control web interface differs from the one in Automate.

Please find a way to apply the Automate "consent to control" config to remote sessions not only within Automate, but also when a session is started from the Control server's web interface. A given config for remote sessions has to be consistent through all platforms used in order to comply with regulations such as SIEM, GDPR or ISO.