More details in documentation about remote printing, RE: Drivers

ResolveIT_Flunky 6 years ago updated by Brian 4 years ago 2

I'd like to see in the official documentation how Control chooses to use a print driver.  It appears that it will use the same driver that the computer local to the printer uses if that exact driver is installed on the remote computer. 

We worked on a ticket for a long time about printing issues over a remote connection (#10780644).  Installing the same driver on both PCs allowed us to fix our issue ourselves.  CWC support didn't know how to help us on it although their effort was good.  Our issue was that the Microsoft XPS Class Driver (used on Windows 10) would not handle narrow margins but the OEM printer driver does.

Example: Customer uses a Brother MFC-8810DW printer in their Branch office on PC2. 

Connects to Main Office PC1 to print documents located on PC1, sending the print jobs to the Branch Office PC2 Brother printer.

By default, ScreenConnect will use the 'Microsoft XPS Class Driver'

If the same driver used on PC2 for the MFC-8810DW is installed on PC1, ScreenConnect will use that driver instead

Printer will then behave identically to how it prints locally.

i have experienced same issue today