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License step between free and one

Marc Last 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 1

Hello CW, 

First I would like to thank Support/Sales Agents Francis, Larry and Summer on the live chat for their time, friendly attitude and clear communication.

I was wondering why there is not a small entry-level license (i'll just call it QS for now) for just the quick-Support feature of screen connect. Without unattended access and other features. just purely the remote support om demand. and not even offer branding possibilities. So it also helps CW reach more businesses in terms of free-marketing.

For example ( in similar style to the pricing page)


1 user can make 1 connection

(up to 5 users)

5$ per month (paid annually)
7,50$ per month (paid monthly)

Package includes

1 Session Limit

File transfer

Remote Toolbox

Remote Support

It would but much easier to convince my manager ( and probably other companies) to invest in a license for CW-Control ( ScreenConnect ) at an entry-level of 5$ per user.

I really enjoy the support feature of the free CW control license and I feel safe to say that it is the best (free) support tool I've used, and I am certain that there would be many more Support Desks interested in a very good / low cost support tool.

I hope that you can share my enthusiasm for this idea.



I do hope this is not a duplicate suggestion, I could not find anything similar in my search.