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Add Authenication to Change the location of automatic video recordings to network share

Matt Klaus 6 years ago updated by Michael Legato (Support) 6 years ago 4

Would like to pass authentication for network share when setting location of Automatic Video Recording.  Such as NAS device or Share to control access of files. 


Yes this is on-premise.  The problem is you can not specify the credentials to connect to a server share with the link provided.  For instance saving to a NAS device that has a share that is restricted to a user account.  You can not specify the user account and password to connect to the share currently in the method  https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/On-premises/On-premises_knowledge_base/Change_the_location_of_automatic_video_recordings  

With this method the share would have to be wide open to everyone which is not secure.

You should be able to grant write access to that folder to the System account of the server where Control is installed - that would at least limit the ability to write in there to local admins of the server (though the request would still be good if you wanted to use other credentials instead)