Ability to add pre-populate Access sessions CustomProperty fields

Daniel Brooks 6 years ago updated by Katarina 5 years ago 9

It would be nice to pre-populate CustomProperty fields within the Access Build+ menu to let new Screenconnect Access users know which terms they need to type in.

For example, I created a Tier 1 session group, and edited properties to say CustomProperty2 LIKE 'Tier 1'. Whenever someone creates a new Build+, and adds the term Tier 1 to the CustomProperty2 field, it automatically places that session into their Access group. The Tier 1 security group limits their access to only these machines.

Currently, if the value has already been used before, it shows up in a dropdown. But, for new Screenconnect Access users, they don't know that need to be typing in Tier 1 in order to view Access sessions. 

This could be accomplished by including a dropdown, an editable text overlay on the CustomField box, or by including a "Notes" Custom Property without a field that can filled out. (For example, I could add a note that says "Please enter Tier 1 into the box"

Optional, possibly 2nd feature request: Make CustomProperty fields mandatory. This prevents Access sessions from being created without being assigned to a certain Session Group.

Screenshot example: https://imgur.com/a/xOlmLlV,  https://imgur.com/a/x90QE52

Hi Daniel, 

The easiest way to include additional info for new Access users would be to edit either web resource string on the Appearance page, BuildInstallerPanel.Paragraph1Message or BuildInstallerPanel.Paragraph2Message. These resource strings will update the paragraphs inside the build installer modal and can include information like "Please enter Tier 1 in the Security Group field."


Thanks Caitlin. This works perfectly. Is there a way to format the text to make certain words bold in that section? Ideally, I'd like it to look like:

In the Security Group field, enter Service or Custom.

Thanks Daniel, glad to hear that meets your needs! Currently, this isn't an HTML enabled section, so there isn't a way to format the text. I'll register this aspect a feature request. 

Considering for Future Release