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Add optional session code per tech

Tekwhat 6 years ago updated by Dan Taylor 4 years ago 4

I would like a way to assign a code to each technician so that when they create a new session, their assigned number is the session number. But if the user has not been assigned a code, it defaults to the normal random 4 digit session code.

User       Session Code Assignment
Daniel     0
Jim         1

When Daniel clicks "Create +" the session is made with a session code of 0
When Alex clicks "Create +" the session is made with a system generated session code

So I can assign my profile to generate a 0 on every session I create, but still force everyone else to generate the random 4 digit code?

Apologies, I misunderstood your original request. Using the knowledge base article, you can set the session code to "0," but that will be for all users on your instance. We'll keep this thread as a feature request. However, this does sound like something that could be accomplished through an extension, so you could look to develop this functionality using a free extension developer account.


This feature would be greatly useful, to control what session code each user is assigned.