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Improved logging for saml sign on

Alex Hart 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 3

Success and failure attempts for SAML login should be logged, along with submitted parameters like groups. This will provide not only needed security auditing options, but also help in troubleshooting submitted data for the case of user login issues and/or initial configuration with SAML provider. 

Hi Alex, 

For SAML logging, we generally suggest a third party SAML browser add-on. What browser are you using? We suggest SAML tracer for Firefox. 

Hope this helps!

That doesn't help when I have other users involved. I'm requesting this both for security auditing and troubleshooting with users that I can't install browser add-ons for. I was told in Ticket #11121108 to create a feature request. Here we are...

In other words, suggesting I install a browser extension doesn't fulfill my request.