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Windows UAC

jeckhardt 6 years ago updated by imorley 6 months ago 3
When on a remote session with a user, if the Windows UAC dialog appears and prompts the user for a password, the support agent does not see this. It would be nice to at least be notified that the UAC has appeared. 

Thanks for your feature request -- we're already working on a way to notify users when UAC is available! This feature should be available in an upcoming release. 

It would be nice to be able to see it and respond to it.

It would be nice to see the UAC popup so we can enter the admin credentials.  The computer was issued to our staff before we subscribed to ScreenConnect, so our users have to go through the website, which only gives the host the same rights as the user.  I have the admin credentials, but the users do not.  We are currently unable to install or update software as a result, and have to rely on the users to bring in their equipment to be updated.