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OnPrem Systems-Debug logs enhancements beyond standard windows event logs

suresh 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 3

whenever Web, relay and session services crash, restarts etc. we must debug the failure reasons, for on prem systems we are heavily dependent on standard window event logs, which really can't sufficient information. recommend to have dedicated log system to log system issues that would help to fix the issue and avoid failures in further 

Hi Suresh, 

What are you checking when you debug? Some additional information about the things you'd want to see in the windows event log would help us address your request. 


Thanks for the response, as i have mentioned in my first port, we do have base windows event log, they really don't cover application level issues, crash reasons etc. they are just meant to be a basic windows event capture data, don't provide in-depth info needed, we are using these tools as a global tool and we do have to provide clear Root cause analysis for each failure, but event logs don't cover