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Hamid Molahadi 5 years ago updated by Silas Sulser 5 years ago 2

I implemented Bitlocker on my customer's computers and now I ran into an issue connecting to them remotely when restarting the computers. After I restart any of them, BitLocker prevents booting windows until I get someone to put the passcode into the computer. I am looking for an option to pass the passcode through screen connect

I think you'll discover that bitlocker code entry is needed before any of the real OS has loaded thus SC isn't going to be usable at that time either.

We've standardized on making sure our client workstations have TPM chips in them moving forward to prevent this from being a problem.

However, in the interim you can suspend bitlocker protection until a machine is rebooted if you execute a command before you reboot it -- which you could do via the SC commands window or manually on the machine -- take a look at: https://www.isumsoft.com/windows-10/enable-suspend-or-resume-bitlocker-protect-for-drive.html


We solved it like that:

But it would be really nice to have an official function included!