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Make Host connections connect via a proxy

Kieran 5 years ago updated by Kieran McSwiney 5 years ago 3

Currently we have the option to make Guest sessions connect via a proxy, but no such option is available for Host sessions, ie. the sessions launched by our support technicians. Can we please have the option to configure a proxy for the Host session?

Hi Kieran, 

Can you tell me a little bit more about your use case for connecting as a host via proxy?



Hi Caitlin,

We have a subset of our support team that works in an office where all internet traffic needs to go through a corporate proxy. These technicians need to connect to and manage unattended devices. They can log in to the ConnectWise Control management interface and view the available access sessions, but they are unable to connect to any of these sessions because the software does not allow us to specify a proxy server to use when connecting to the relay server.

This option is available when installing the software on the other side of the connection (the guest session):

If a corresponding configuration option was available on the host side of the session, then the affected technicians would be able to connect successfully.