Considering for Future Release

Screenshots to automatically be stored in folders named by Session Groups

ExudeIT 5 years ago updated by BIll Artinger 5 years ago 5

I take alot of screenshots.

Over time you end up with an absolute mess of screenshots.

Would be nice to have an option (on by default) where screenshots are stored in subfolders based on Session Group names, and potentially you could have subfolders within them based on the machine name.

Any machine that wasn't part of a Session Group, could just save in to the main screenshot folder.

Hi ExudeIT, 

Often sessions are in multiple session groups at the same time, so it may be difficult to order screenshots by session group alone. Can you tell us a little more about what you're screenshotting and why? 


Maybe then it could be done by Organization name then.

I use remote access alot.

I take screenshots of errors/warnings and funny messages, and of system info screens, device manager, before and during software installs (to have proof an install/upgrade went OK or not, so I can use in further conversation with client or software provider if needed).

Considering for Future Release

I would also love this to be implemented. I take a massive amount of screenshots for errors, serial numbers, proof of activation, etc. My captures folder has thousands of items, most of which I would like to keep for referencing later (and often do!)