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QuickSupportSOS - Unkown publisher

Brian Wildman 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

The QuickSupportSOS.exe file is being flagged by windows 10 defender SmartScreen as unsafe due to 'publisher unknown'.  I believe the app should be signed by connectwise control, so that client's suspicions are not aroused by bypassing windows defender.  The image I want to project to my customers is that I use secure, up to date tools to safely connect to their computers.  Telling them to bypass a windows system warning does not look good for either my company, or connectwise control.  On a positive note, the QuickSupportSOS.exe file/method/process is brilliant!  I want to be able to make it easily accessible to anyone who needs our help.  Regards, Brian Wildman

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Any updates here?  Signing the EXE should just be part of good security practices, not an outlandish ask for software designed for remote support.  Brian Wildman