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Use "Organization" to add hosts to Session Groups

edrabert 5 years ago updated by Paul_B 1 year ago 4

I do not see a way to build a custom filter in the Session Group to filter based on the Organization for a system.  Since we can create "builds" with the organization already defined, it would make adding them to session groups much smoother.  Right now we have to create a Note with the customer name, and then use a filter to make sure those systems go into the right customers session group.  

Thank you


Hi Edrabert, 

The Company field, available when building an installer, can be filtered into a session group using: CustomProperty1 LIKE 'ChangeMe', which 'ChangeMe' being the company name for each group. 

Hope this helps!


But what about the "Organization" that every system has? is there a way to filter on that?

Apologies for the confusion! In recent releases, we updated "Organization" to "Company". The same filter provided above works for Organization in this case -- that field is known as CustomProperty1. 


I have a company with locations in 8 different states and 20 different cities. How can I create a nested solution so I don't have to have 20 different company names in my "access" tab/list and instead will have the one actual company name split out by region and facility?