OSX Team ID for Kernel Extension Configuration Profiles

Gordon 5 years ago updated by adam connor 5 years ago 6

The ability to create a Kernel Extension in MDM Configuration Profiles using Team ID:

  • whitelist any apps or permissions from ConnectWise 
  • Automatically approve any security permissions ("Security & Privacy" >> "Privacy" >> "Accessibility")
  • Automatically approve update installations, etc ("Allow" updates to install silently)

From what I've seen, Team IDs are 10 digit alphanumeric codes provided by the developer to the customer for MDM profile configuration.

More info on Team IDs & Kernel Extensions here:



voted for this- as the downloaded Mac installers are not signed, you can't extract a developer ID from them. This means that you can't easily add a kext whitelisting profile. And that means you have to walk users through whitelisting it manually...

Hi both, 

The team ID is K8M3XDZV9Y. Check out this other thread for additional information on whitelisting in MDMs. 


I've actually written this up but couldn't find anywhere to submit to the community