Have on-off toggle switch on the titlebar of Host client to disable/enable clipboard sync

David T 5 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 5 years ago 9

Considering viruses, and more security/clipboard trackers are coming into being we should have a on/off switch constantly visible (and toggle-able) that explicitly turn the clipboard sync on/off independent of the "Suspend my Input" function.



It's only a matter of time before clipboard monitoring for passwords because a standard feature of the malware suites.

Something like: 


This is especially important given the new clipboard feature in Windows 1809. The clipboard sync needs to be off by default, and only enabled when needed.

Reconnecting to the session should have it off again.

This is very important  

The ability to toggle clipboard sync on and off from the host client has been registered as a feature request. Just want to add, though, that globally disabling clipboard capture is an app.config setting. On a cloud instance, you can download the Advanced Configuration Editor to access this setting. 

Hope this helps!

We have seen security issues related to this.  Multiple techs connected to one target machine, and the clipboard becomes shared even if SC does not have focus.  This means SC will insert tech1's clipboard content into tech2's clipboard. Well intentioned, but not good.


As of 19.4, the host client now includes a toggle to control clipboard sync!