Direct Link to Backstage in V2019

cps 5 years ago updated by Sean White 5 years ago 2

I have reviewed the changes coming in the pending 2019 release and they look great. However one important usability tweak is glaringly obvious.

As described, one will now be able to get to Backstage by right clicking on a computer, and selecting Join with Options from the drop-down menu. This opens a dialog box where one can click the Backstage radio button and then click Join Session. This is an unnecessarily complex sequence of four clicks and intermediary mouse movements (right click, click Join with Options, click radio button, click Join Sessions).

This can very easily and more naturally be done with one or two clicks. It could be done with one click by adding a [BS] button in the vast unused space on the host page, as below:

Or it could be two clicks (right click, click Backstage) by putting [Backstage] directly in the drop-down menu. You could still retain Join with Options for those who want to select Suspend My Input or other future options.

It is, in fact, easier to go to Backstage right now: double-click to open the session then immediately click [Backstage]. This of course creates the possibility of accidentally disturbing the user with mouse movement, but the sequence is ironically more direct than what you are proposing for direct access to Backstage.

We go to Backstage 10+ times per day per technician, so having the four click sequence for no reason is going to be immediately irritating.

In our 19.3 release, we have added the ability to select a session and hold shift+double click to open the 'Specify Join Options' dialog. Additionally, we added an app.config option  'IsBackstageDefault' which when configured will go to backstage by default.

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