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Freshdesk V2 integration no longer wraps the requester reply in the Freshdesk Reply template

forbes holden 5 years ago 0

When pressing 'Generate Requestor Reply' the integration correctly inserts the appropriate email content including a Control session link into a new reply on the Freshdesk ticket. The problem is that the content is placed into a blank reply, rather than a reply outfitted with our standard reply template.

This behaviour has changed between the integrations for the old and new Freshdesk UIs. (Freshdesk retired their old UI over the last 6 months which required all integrations to be updated, and I can say from my own experience with it that their the new API is different and not particularly backwards compatible so it would have been a rewrite.)

My only workaround at present is to 'Generate Requestor Reply', copy the content, discard the reply, press reply, paste the content into our standard reply template.