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Screenconect has been installed for x amount of days - Filter

Tom Norman 5 years ago updated by Michael Legato (Support) 5 years ago 1

We need a filter to know how long screenconect has been installed (or if this is doable please let me know!)

E.g. We install screenconect onto alot of PC's and sometimes forget to remove or sort them. When we go to do support we dont know who is the user we just asked to install screenconect. Having a filter to sort by installed > 1 days this would fix this issue as we then know who has been added recently.  

Currently we have a TO SORT group but we are also wanting a TO SORT OLD to move the PC's to after a day of being installed. 

I see this as a useful feature in a lot of ways as if you do contracted work per PC you can see if people have had it installed on a new machine and when this was done so you know to bill for the support as well. 

E.g. (CustomProperty1 LIKE 'To Sort') AND ( InstallDate < $1DAYSAGO)

This to me is a needed filter! Does anyone know of a way to do this?

Hi Tom,

You can use FirstEventTime for this, I believe. This will show you machines that were created less than 24 hours ago (it is a sequential filter rather than a chronological one, so you need the greater than symbol rather than less than):

FirstEventTime > $1DAYSAGO