Authoritative Restart and Reconnect

andrew cheatwood 4 years ago updated by Simon 2 years ago 9

The Problem: For Macs that have FileVault 2 enabled. Pressing the current restart and reconnect button just disconnects both parties from the session. 

Possible solution: Having an authoritative restart and reconnect prompt for the user password and using that to perform an authoritative restart and then automatically reconnect to the session would be invaluable.

Temporary solution: If already engaged in an active session. The support agent can open terminal and run the following command: sudo fdesetup authrestart -delayminutes -1

they will then be prompted for a user name and password. This will make it so that the next reboot is authoritative, at which point you can press the current 'restart and reconnect' button and the machine will perform an authoritative reboot, but also reconnect to the session. 

Available in Version:

Hi Andrew, 

Are you attempting to execute this during a support session or through unattended access? I've just tested this on my Mac with FileVault 2 enabled during an unattended access session. I was able to reconnect to the session as both host and guest after executing restart and reconnect. In my experience, the host remains connected. 

- Caitlin 

I am attempting this through unattended access. The system does restart when I send the command, at which point I am disconnected, when the machine gets to the login screen, I am still disconnected and remain disconnected until a password is entered on the physical machine, at which points it reconnects to the session. Is it possible to have it restart and not prompt for the password before reconnecting? Or is this a problem on our end? Thank you for the reply!

Thanks Andrew -- after further investigation, I was able to replicate what you're experiencing. That is a bug -- you should remain connected while the guest is rebooted and reconnected, and be able to see the login screen after reboot and reconnect. We'll have to look into this. 

I'll update here as we figure out what's going on!

- Caitlin 

That's wonderful! Thanks again for the quick response. Look forward to hearing from you.

This bug still occurs, unfortunately