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Turn consent on or off by time of day and day of week

Northern Star Technology Group 5 years ago updated by DavidL 5 years ago 5

I have a client that has hours from 7AM to 6PM M-F. I want consent to be turned on during those hours and turned off at night and on weekends for the purpose of doing maintenance.

Hi -- sounds like your request can be handled by Auto Consent. If you're on a cloud instance, you can download the Advanced Configuration Editor and allow auto consent to your endpoints. Auto consent allows consent to control the machine if no user process is running on the guest machine. 

Hope this helps!

No, because auto consent can be insecure if someone is not looking at their screen for X seconds. Then sensitive information could be revealed to one of my technicians. It needs to be protected during the day and available at night. It would also be nice to have the server without this consent. We get around that by having a group with all of the servers in it.

In that case, we're investigating ways for the guest to prevent end users from connecting to their machines. That functionality, in combination with Auto Consent, may be helpful for your use case. We'll update once this feature is available. 

I also need this type of Auto Consent control. I need to prompt for consent during business hours, but have unhindered consent after hours. Please let me know when you have created a solution. Thanks!