Create automated system to notify users on cloud info

anonymous 8 years ago updated by Mike Bannerman 8 years ago 3

Partner asks for notification to be sent to cloud users, preferably through email, when issues are fixed or new updates are published and available.

I'd also like to see more simultaneous availability of releases. The cloud was in debug of 5.5 for quite awhile before the stable version was available even though it was up for on-prem partners.


With releases, the goal is to release Betas for cloud and on premise simultaneously. Alphas are considered non production versions, so they will only be for on premise early adopters. 5.6 and forward you'll see more consistent cloud Beta releases, before stables.

Also, we're looking at providing a method of notification to allow for more communication from our cloud team, hopefully for 6.0 barring development delays.

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