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SOS Deployer - add custom branding

Jesse G 5 years ago updated by FAB-ITRescue 4 years ago 2

Please add the ability to 1) change the icon for the EXE that is downloaded from the admin portal, as well as the icon that is deployed to user desktops when using the Run Tool > Toolbox deployment method.

Similarly, please add the ability to change the name of the icon on the user's desktop when deploying the tool via Run Tool > Toolbox (currently, only th EXE downloaded from the admin portal is able to have its name set via Extension > Edit Settings).


I host my own SceenConnect. It is important to me that my branding is carried to my customers. I used to be able to customise everything including the OLD Addon- equivalent of QuickSupport SOS (you have depreciated the plugin which worked well.)  I need to be able to change the icon associated with the Quick Support SOS download - so that my customers KNOW and can be CONFIDENT that it is ME and ONLY ME at the other end of the connection.

About 50% of my clients are elderly domestic users. They find me either by referal or local advertsing.  After they have met me; if they understand the concept I offer remote support.  But I always have to explain the importance of knowing who they are giving access to.  My Branding & Company Logo is part of this security triangle.  I have raised this matter many months ago - this is not a new request.

Please reinstate this facility as soon as possible.


Where are we with this?  Branding is very important - it's what makes my business, MY Business.  As stated above, this is important to maintain the security triangle.  Please also consider the connected issue of "Unknown Publisher" as this really freaks out the guest and undermines my credibility.