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Backstage timeout

James Angi 5 years ago updated by bond007x 3 years ago 8

When you disconnect from a backstage session one of three things should happen:

1) The session is killed (ie the command prompt, powershell, and any other processes started)

2) The session is left running for X minutes

3) The session is left running indefinately

Right now it appears #3 is happening (or if there is a timeout it is a VERY long one).  This causes issues because just having the command prompt open to a certain working directory locks that folder so it can't be removed until either the machine is rebooted or someone connects to backstage and changes directory or closes cmd.  I'm sure there could be other issues eventually as well.

Ideally we'd be able to configure this as #1,2 or 3.  It might make sense to ask when closing the session; maybe you started a process that you want to keep running.

Trying to figure out how to re-open the CMD terminal window or PowerShell window after closing it by accident? ;)