Allow remote printing to be configured on/off per machine

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Partner would like to enable remote printers to be shared per individual machines.

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Also would like to have control over what printer gets sent to the remote machine. and that the printer is removed when no one is connected.


Selectable mapped printer would be great, preferrably added via check box if needed after connection.


Maybe a multi-select so by default it could just carry over the default like what LMI did.

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If this functionality is added I would think it should be trivial to add a button to the toolbar to share the Host's printers on demand, which is what I'd prefer. (I'd rather not be prompted every time I connect but simply be able to share them on demand when needed.)

Pending Review
Pending Review
Considering for Future Release

Select which Role that can have printers map through.  Like the PrintInSession option, but one that will control if the printer will actually map or not.  Clients are complaining about printers from our techs that get mapped through.  I can't turn it off globally because some of our clients use ConnectWise Control for their own systems and need the printers to map through.

Big +1 for this. This one is causing us headaches with our clients, as the host printers are mapping, and more importantly, if an end user ends up printing to the host's mapped printer inadvertently, all mapped printers stick in the session, and don't get un-mapped when the host disconnects.

Turn it off by default, a plus! AND (big and) accessible not only by SC admin tu be turned on/off: all SC IT users must be able to use it at will. +1

This is going on for 3 years...we have end users that need printing so we cant disable it globally. Need the option to turn this off for all automate agents, please.

Hey All,

An option in the Essentials, previously Miscellaneous, menu to activate remote printing will be available in the next release (19.0). 

The option in the client is available for use if these conditions are met, 

  • DisableRemotePrinting = 'false', and the user has the permission PrintInSession 

Is there a way for remote printing to be on/active by default rather than choosing the toggle each time?

i agree . very nagging to have to keep reminding users to activate remote printing .