chat timeout for version 19, like it was in 6.9 (or at least the option to make it so)

Miko 5 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 5 years ago 6

Hi there

I was hoping to get the behavior back with the chat, where if a user sent a message, the red dot REMAINED until the message opened, AND once opened, the red dot clears (as opposed to current behavior, where the red dot clears based on timeout).

Thank you

Hi Miko, 

We added a delay to the clearing of the red dot notification, which defaults to 10 minutes. In the Advanced Configuration Editor, you can find the delay setting under Configuration > Web Configuration > Other Settings. If you're on-prem, look for AcknowledgeMessageDelaySeconds in web.config.

So does this mean that AFTER I read the comment, it'll start that delay, or it will delay and then clear that dot regardless on whether someone read it?

My concern is that I'll get a message, and the timeout will clear it without me having read it.


Hi Miko, 

Yes, after you've clicked on the message the delay starts. If you don't read the message, it should stay there indefinitely.

Oh, I understand.  There was a miscommunication with your tech...

You can disregard, then.

Thank you