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sort selection for out of date clients

Arnel 5 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 5 years ago 6

Please add an option to select all out of date clients to make it easier to update those clients.

Hi Arnel, 

The session group filter to group all out of date clients together is GuestClientVersion < '$ServerVersion'. Once that session group is created, you can select all and update as needed.

Thanks for the reply Caitlin!

Can you tell me where I can add that statement? That would make it easier to select just the out of date clients and push the reinstall.

Thanks Arnel -- check out this doc on how to create a session group from the host page. You'll put the above statement in the Session Filter: text box on the Create Session Group modal. 

not sure if we are talking the same thing. See below image. Is there a way to add an item here when All Machines group is selected to say Outdated clients and then it sorts them. That way I can right click and select reinstall and it will reinstall/update the outdated clients.

Ah, I see. There is not a way to add any additional options to the above menu. Once you've created the Outdated Agents session group, you can use that menu to select all machines in that group and reinstall. You'll see the option to reinstall multiple machines appear in the right hand column. 

Or, you can search in the filter box of the session list using our session group filter syntax, enter "##" followed by the session group filter. For example:## Name LIKE 'SAVANNAH'. The client version filter could also work in this field; more here