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Only need DUO for authenication when not on network.

edward ciessau 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

Would like to have DUO authenticate only when not on company network.  We have this in place for 4 other applications.

In the Duo setup, we have the ability to establish polices, one of which is we can tell it to bypass the Duo prompt if the traffic is coming from a specific IP / Subnet. With this policy in place, nobody should ever have to Duo when connected to the internal network. There is another policy where I can specify whether or not it should prompt for Duo every time or every X days. I have that disabled which means it should prompt every time but it appears to be trusting the device for 30 days anyway.

So it's not respecting Duo policy.

I have DUO installed now, but still would like the capability of it only using it when off our network.  IP Whitelisting?  Whave have all our Duo applications setup that way, but when we implement the same rules for Connectwise Control, it ignores and sends a push all the time, even inside network.