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NVIDIA Quadro M4000 compatibility request

mike jones 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

We are seeing an issue on PC's that have the NVIDIA Quadro M4000 graphics card with Windows 10 (did not verify other Windows versions, this is just the one we are seeing it on) and ConnectWise Control version 19.x.

We have a CWC connection to the PC, it responds to commands from CWC, but the screen is black.

When you open a corresponding LabVNC session, the keystrokes and mouse movements from CWC are passed through to the desktop.

Blanking the customer screen does not solve the problem, still black.

The only fix is to set the display adapter to Microsoft Basic. 

Since our clients who use this graphic card need it for 3D imaging, we can't make that change without disrupting their office workflow.

Is it possible to update CWC or configure it so it is compatible with this graphic card please?


We are experiences the same problem with NVIDIA Quadro P400.
P400 are using the same driver as M4000.

We're experiencing a similar problem with NVIDIA Quadro P2200 using the latest Nvidia driver versions (441.28 and 441.66) on several Windows 10 (build 10.0.18363) systems (ie, all that we have this card installed in).

In our case, screenconnect (19.4.25666.7235) does work, but only when a monitor is connected to the Quadro card. If the system is running headless, screenconnect remains blank (gray).

I see the status shows as 'Pending Review'.

We are still dealing with this issue.

What happens next?