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Mass Notifications

jgosnell 5 years ago updated by shawn 5 years ago 4

We would love to have the ability to send out mass notifications via the chat window in the event of an Active shooter scenario or other system down message since we already have a client on every computer..  I guess it could be done now but we would need the chat box to take focus on the client side and popup over all other windows.

Hi jgosnell, 

Have you tried the Note on Desktop extension? This extension can be edited from resource strings on the Appearance page and executed through the toolbox to your end users. More info here

Hope this helps!

"in the event of an Active shooter scenario" - I think you may be trying to fix that problem the wrong way... 

This is already possible:
Select all machines -> Send Message
the chat window on the client can be set to stay on top via the "advance configuration editor" extension, I use it frequently on kiosk systems.
Another option (windows only) would be to select your machines then run command "msg.exe * super important message text"