Considering for Future Release

Allow host connected banner/balloons notifications settings per role

mqu 5 years ago updated by Max Carrillo 7 months ago 6

Currently, the host connected banner/balloons notifications settings are only available globally under admin configurations. 

These settings are meant to decide whether users should be notified when they're being remotely controlled, which is important for certain industries; or access should be silent with less screen clutter for admin's convenience or monitoring purposes.

Oftentimes, we'd want this behavior to be different under different circumstances and different hosts. For example, we'd want one user role to always trigger the banner (for MSP techs etc), while another role is allowed to go in silently (for client's own access, or a monitoring manager, or a trusted senior admin etc).

It would be nice to provide some checkboxes under Role permissions to allow role-based balloon/notification settings to override the global settings.

Considering for Future Release

Any update to this feature request? I'd love a simple way of auto-enabling it per customer/machine.

Only three votes after three years? This is never going to happen, is it.

I dont think that many users actually dive that deep into the software. I for one am in favor of this. Once this is rolled out many users will utilize it.

PLEASE - as a first step ScreenConnect Admins should have acces to as setting to toggle and be able to login with NO Connection Banner and NO System Icon Tray.

After that the next phase - allow same feature to specific users.

Asof 12/6/2023 it can only be done Globally: 



and everyone has to reload ScreenConnect