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Duo MFA - Configure Multiple Companies

Quinntin Comer 5 years ago updated by Mayfield 5 years ago 5


We provide our end-customers access to their workstations using Control. I would like to request a feature to be able to configure multiple Duo companies so that we can point each customer's MFA settings to their respective duo company.


You can override DuoIntegrationKey, DuoSecretKey, and DuoApiHostname for a given user by specifying them in that user's password question. They just need to be in the correct order and be separated by colons.


Where did you find this out! This is great!

So, I take it you still stick duo: in front of all that?

Yep! I edited my response to be more clear


Well hell! Why didnt support know about this?

That's probably my fault, since it's an undocumented feature that I kind of threw in there when implementing the Duo integration initially. I'll make sure people around here know about it