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More /closer server instances for Europe.

eurogame_ro 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

Hi. I am from Romania, and I am struggling for months with poor performance, not because my connections ( most are over 300mbps), but because the closest cloud server location for me is Dublin, Ireland. I chatted with the support, and we came to the same conclusion, a server closer to me would be the solution. Right now my performance is so bad, that sometimes even on the LOW Quality i have like 4 fps.

Why not host it yourself, potentially in your office or a close data center - it'll probably be cheaper too

Sadly I don't see a cheaper option, maybe in long term, all i saw that is that On Premise order (confusing for me) for over 2000EUR, idk if it is yearly or not, which is too expensive for our small business at once. Now I have the standard edition, yearly subscription for about 380EUR /yearly. This would be enough for me, if not for poor connection issues. I am looking for alternatives right now, sadly.