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Allow 3d space mouse passthrough

greg rupel 5 years ago updated by Erik Johansson 2 weeks ago 4

I would like to see a feature built in to allow for 3d space mouse pass through.   We use a space mouse when we are in the office but users would like to be able to take their space mouse with them and do it remotely.   We use this:  https://www.3dconnexion.com/spacemouse_wireless/en/ 

It would greatly increase performance during remote sessions

This would still greatly increase performance. VMWare and Citrix both have solutions. 


I see that the ticket is from 5 years ago, and jbx updated it with his comment 3 years ago...

Does anyone know if this has been solved or if it's still just a request that hasn't been worked on?

A company we manage are using alot of different Spacemouses. 

3DConnexion Spacemouse Compact, Wireless and Pro, they need to work from home but it slows down the work alot by not being able to use their spacemoouse.