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One-button login with Stored Credentials

anonymous 9 years ago updated by Sean Keown 5 years ago 8

Partner is requesting a way to join sessions faster when the guest machine is at the login screen.

Current behavior is

1. Join session
2. Send Ctrl+Alt+Delete
3. Send session credentials

The request states that the customer would like to click join and SC automatically performs all three steps so he can continue working seamlessly when the credentials are stored.

host_client login stored_credentials
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Extra bonus points for detecting and clicking OK on a logon banner (http://prajwaldesai.com/how-to-configure-legal-notices-on-domain-computers-using-group-policy/) before entering credentials


This is the only feature I miss from Logmein :(

Would like to see an ability to enter multiple credentials on the admin web portal that would be able to be asigned to differnet security roles so that different techs could be assigned credentials for specific access levels without actually needing to know the password's

Fully agree. This is one of my few annoyances with the product. The most common daily procedure (log in to a client) requires 5 steps (click menu, click ctl-alt-del, click menu, click send credentials, press Enter) when it could easily be one step (click Logon button in toolbar).

Granted, not every logon requires ctl-alt-del, but that could either be auto-detected or else split into two buttons, one with ctl-alt-del and the other without.

It's a shame this has been under review for two years. It can't be that difficult to implement.

GoToAssist has had this for a decade.  One of the few features I miss.

One click...Sends CNTL-ALT-DEL, Sends Credentials, clicks OK to login. It's a beautiful thing.

Would be cool if there was an API call available for this features so i could connect labtech/automate and or a PAM to pass through the credentials during login.