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Ability to use groups in Azure SAML SSO

RBJ 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 3

Currently when using the SAML auth with Azure AD it only allows adding users individuality in Azure you cannot add a group. We have a large number of users and they come and go so this because a lot of management overhead. 

You should be able to already (we are using Azure AD using SAML with Groups assigned to it). You will need Azure AD Premium P1 to assign a group to an application.

I was unable to do this. I completed the SAML setup and adding single users works fine. When adding groups the user authenticated ok but Connect wise Control showed them with no permissions. We have Azure AD P2. I opened a support chat and was advised this was not possible and was directed to request the feature. Any advice appreciated as we cant use the feature until the groups aspect works. 

Please cancel this request. FYI for others nested groups in Azure does work for SSO.