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Allow multiple 2fa/otp services

c0deadd1ct 5 years ago updated by justin 4 years ago 2

Would be very useful if you allow multiple 2fa services on one user like email+goog perhaps by comma separated etc., sometimes a user has no access to email but does to other services 

This is a great idea: Passwords are dead, 2fa services are the future! Please add this to control.

We're using nextcloud which supports multiple 2fa authentication options. After putting in your username and password you can choose one out of the option that is configured in the user's configuration. In this example below you have the choice at the same time between:

  • Authentification over the Nextcloud iOS app
  • TOTP app (Google Authenticator)
  • Yubikey

Additionally, having an option to allow multiple U2F keys would be helpful. I always like to have multiple on an account in case I lose my primary.