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https://MyApps.Microsott.com & SAML

Erik McCarty 5 years ago 0

Please enable Azure Single-Sign-On by way of the Office 365 MyApps page: https://MyApps.Microsott.com

We are using your SAML login for IT Personnel. Our SAML is configured per your documentation by way of Azure App Registration and Azure Enterprise Applications which produces an icon on the Office 365 https://MyApps.Microsott.com page. However, when the user visits https://MyApps.Microsott.com and clicks the Connect Wise app icon the configuration produces, it lands the authenticated user on the login page with a malformed url like https://company.screenconnect.com/Login?ReturnUrl=%2fHost&Reason=5#Access/ which should be https://company.screenconnect.com/Login?ReturnUrl=%2fHost#Access/&Reason=5 and requires a second login. Within the browser session this does not repeat, rather occurs only on the first login.

We identified this problem in Service Ticket#12195842 but it was considered a feature request at that time.