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Notification of build upgrades

cpohts 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2

I'm on your hosted cloud and my instance upgrades automatically.  I'm ok with that but it would be helpful to know when the new build is release/installed and what changes occur.

Hi cpohts, 

Ideally, we'd like our updates to be seamless and not impact your business. For our own information, are you interested in a change log to see new features, or are you looking out for specific changes that might impact your business?

We do have an output stream that is updated regularly. 

A change log would be fine, but more importantly a notification "push" announcement for when you upgrade the instances.  I have other tools which email an announcement on version updates, especially when they are applied automatically like yours.  I don't mind checking the site for the change log but I shouldn't find out about an upgrade to my instance after it's occurred.  I should be notified in advance.