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Automatically Stretch Session (NOT change resolution) to Maximum Height of Local PC Screen

Roland Lewis 5 years ago updated by Jim Massarelli 1 year ago 1

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I understand there are already several feature requests for something similar (links below), but I believe these are asking for ability to change resolution of session.  I'm not asking for that.  For one thing that seems like more of a technical challenge.  I think this one might be a "quick win".  I'm asking that the ability be added that would automatically * stretch * the size of the remote session to match the local PC monitor, giving priority to the vertical.  In other words, I don't want to go full screen.  I just want the remote session to maximize the vertical on my local screen.  I understand that I can simply drag the edge of the session and stretch myself, but it is quite a pain to have to do this dozens of times per day.  And, it takes 2 drags--drag top then drag bottom, or reposition window then drag.




All of our techs have been asking for this since we got RMM and Control.  Well said and exactly what we're looking for as well.