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Automatically Stretch Session (NOT change resolution) to Maximum Height of Local PC Screen

Roland Lewis 4 years ago updated by Jim Massarelli 7 months ago 1

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I understand there are already several feature requests for something similar (links below), but I believe these are asking for ability to change resolution of session.  I'm not asking for that.  For one thing that seems like more of a technical challenge.  I think this one might be a "quick win".  I'm asking that the ability be added that would automatically * stretch * the size of the remote session to match the local PC monitor, giving priority to the vertical.  In other words, I don't want to go full screen.  I just want the remote session to maximize the vertical on my local screen.  I understand that I can simply drag the edge of the session and stretch myself, but it is quite a pain to have to do this dozens of times per day.  And, it takes 2 drags--drag top then drag bottom, or reposition window then drag.




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All of our techs have been asking for this since we got RMM and Control.  Well said and exactly what we're looking for as well.