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Be able to disable user accounts without deleting

David T 5 years ago updated by CraigB 2 days ago 4

Need another checkbox

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would like to see this added for user accounts

This sure would be nice. I wonder if any progress could be made after 5 years in the queue?

We have seasonal staff that only need to login for 3-6 months of the year, and constantly adding and removing their accounts is a bit annoying.

We've kind of been able to work around this by creating a Disabled security role with absolutely nothing enabled. This kind of works but causes the login box to constantly reappear, so we get helpdesk calls. Also, we have to record somewhere which role a person had when they were deactivated so they can have that added back again at the start of the season.

There has to be a better way!

Obvious workaround is just reset password on the account...

But then we cannot see in the list who is disabled and who is not.

The user could also request a password reset, and if their mailbox is active, then they would be back in again. Many of our seasonal staff return year after year, and their mailbox would be active so they can coordinate with managers.

Hence the request for a disabled state that is functional.