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Consent required regardless of user signed in or not per Access Group

toddh 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 4


As I understand there is a global option available that allows you to control whether consent is required when a machine does not have a user signed in.

I was wondering if it would be possible to have this as a per access group option? 

For example, if we had the global setting configured to not require consent when no user is signed in, we could change the setting at the access group level to require consent regardless of whether or not a user is signed in.


  • We want to provide access to an external consultant. This consultant should not be allowed in though until consent is given, regardless of whether or not a user is signed in. In order to consent, an administrator would need to be signed in on the server to receive the consent request.

Hopefully this makes sense.


    Hi Toddh, 

    If you're using a host pass to provide external consultants with access to a specific machine, you can set the permissions to require consent from the remote user. 

    Hi Caitlin,

    This is an interesting option, I didn't know it existed :(

    What version did the additional permission options become available in?

    I am currently running version 6.6.X and I only have "My permissions" and "View-only" available.

    Hi Toddh, 

    The option to include new levels of permission sets, as shown above, was added in 6.9. 

    That would explain why we do not see them.

    This feature would require us to make quite a number of changes due to the "My permissions". I would really only ever want an external vendor to connect to a remote session and no other permissions.

    I will try experimenting a little with this option though.