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Plan sessions

Karsten 5 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 5 years ago 1

Instead of the instant / ad-hoc session I would like to plan a session for a certain date/time. 

Planned means that if I create a planned session, the client gets an email informing them about the date and the time, together with a link to add to their calendar and the appropriate texts in that email. The system then automatically sends a reminder email with a link to join 15 minutes before start.

In my technician view I have a list of planned sessions ordered by date / time.

The workaround right now is that I create the ad-hoc session, name it with date / time before the actual title so that in the list of sessions it is in the correct order. Then copy a link of the session into a manual calendar entry and manually add the client as a participant. It works but it is not as easy / smooth.

Quite a few competitors have that feature of planned sessions.